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Idol of Nandi in Baba Bakranath Mandir

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Mythologically, the union place of Shakti and Shaiva and the spiritual practice place of the great Sage Ashtavakraya is Bakreswar Dham where the eyebrow being symbolic of the mind of Devi Sati is enshrined. Bakranatha is the Pitha Bhairav here protecting the place. There is a brass metal Goddess Durga known as “Mahisamardini" here. 

Bakreswar Temple

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Bakreswar Hot Springs

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Fair & Festival: The main festival takes place during the ‘Shiva Ratri' since this place is popular for being the Shaiva Tirtha. A three day long fair is also organized by the Bakreswar Development Authority during this time. 


Living-Eating: There are many hotels near the main temple of Bakreshwar that offer accommodation and food. Apart from this, a tourist lodge has also been built here on the initiative of the West Bengal Government.

Inside Baba Bakranatha's Temple

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Devi Mahisamardini's Idol


How to reach: Bakreswar can be reached from Suri or Dubrajpur by bus. It is located only  20 k.m. and 12 k.m. away from Suri and Dubrajpur respectively. 


Attractions: Bakreswar is the most famous place in Birbhum. The Shiva temple is another attraction beside the Sati Pitha. There are famous Hot springs. It is believed that taking a bath in Papahara Ganga, Baitarani Ganga, Bhairav Kundã makes the corpus & soul sacred, sinless. Mama- Bhagne hill at Dubrajpur, Royal Palace at Hetampur, loaded with natural beauty & serenity -the Dam of Nil Nirjane – all are nearby sites worth paying a visit.

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