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According to the "Pith Nirnay Tantra", the lip of Sati fell here in Labpur where Goddess’ shrine is known as Fullara Mahapith. The temple is situated middle of the octagonal roof, covering a vast tract of the area. The Goddess Fullara is enshrined in the meditative form of “Joydurga” in a tortoise-shaped stone smeared with vermilion and kumkuma. It is believed that ‘Attahasa' was the first priest here, and later on, his successor  Bhabadev Bhatta entrusted the Maithili Brahmins to continue puja. According to Siyan Eulogy, a golden pot was once established at the top of the temple. The present structure of the temple was installed by the local landlord Yadavlal Bandopadhay in 1902. A small temple of the Pitha Bhairav, namely Bisweswara, is situated in the vicinity. Panchamundi asana, the Shivabhog place and a large pond can be sighted in the surroundings.


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Fullaratala Shiva Temple

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Fair & Festival:  Krishnanada Giri obtained a revelation. Once he came from Kashi, he restarted worship of the Goddess after Attahas. As he was ordained on the new moon day of the Bengali month Magh, special offerings, yajna, a ten-day long fair etc are organized on that auspicious day to commemorate the occasion.


Food & Accommodation: The visitors can sit for the Anna Bhog which is offered to the deity daily. There are a number of hotels at Labpur. There is an arrangement of accommodation at the Upasana Bhavan managed by the temple authority to stay in. 

Maa Fullara Devi's Kund and Idol


Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay's Office


Attractions:  Labpur is an ancient hamlet. Availing a toto or auto from Labpur Bus stand, one can pay a visit to offer puja at the temple, then head towards the birthplace of the eminent Bengali writer Tarashankar Bandopadhay and his museum, Thakurbari, and the famous Hansuli Baank. 

How to reach: Board down at Bolpur or Ahmedpur Railway Station availing the Rampurhat bound trains. Then avail the bus services to get down at Labpur. Recently direct buses from Kolkata to Labpur are also getting started.  

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