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Birbhum showcases the convergence of the thoughts of Shakti, Shaiva and Vaishnava. Even today, one can locate the traditional ‘akhara’ for practising the Vaishnava Sahajia here, where a devoted soul singing Harinam finds the perfection of life and resurrects themselves. Some of the holy Vaishnav sites where national as well as foreign devotees gather are:-


Vaishnavism Temples

Joydev Tirtha Kenduli

Radhabinod (2)_edited.jpg

Rami Chandidas Tirtha Nanoor

Nanoor Chondidas (24).jpg

Maynadal of Kirtan Gharana

Maynadal (11).jpg

Kenduli Joydev Mela

Nithyananda Kshetra Birchandrapur

Nityananda Prabhu Temple.JPG
Maynadal (22)_edited.jpg

Maynadal Temple


Other than these, there are some other Gouranga-Govinda temples or Vaishnav Akhara spread throughout the district. Sree Gouranga Temple, Sree Radhaballav Temple, Sree Gopal Temple at Muluk village near Bolpur has transformed this village into a pilgrimage site. There is an ancient (nearly about 400 years old) Radha Ballav Temple at Paharpur near Ahmedpur. The Radhamohan Temple established by Purandar Pandit can also be located here at Paharpur. The descendants of Ramkanai were associated with the famous Koma Thakur-Bari idol, popularly known as Ramkanai – Radharani, in Koma village. Folklore of Gargmuni Ashram at Goga village and Durbasa Muni Ashram at village Dubasa near Labpur are widespread. Under the shade of one of the oldest banyan tree of the district, the Sandip Muni Ashram in the village Sundipur near Chowhatta can be located. The village Bhandirban near Suri is believed to be the hot spring of Bibhandak Muni. The Queen of Bardhaman Bishnu Kumari Devi established Gopal Temple and Ramnath Bhaduri of Kanakpur constructed Bhandiswar Shiva Temple. Bhandirban, along with these two magnificently styled temples, is the landmark of the district. 

There are Bharat Sevashram Sangha at Suri, Muluk and Rampurhat. There are Ramkrishna Mission at Bolpur, Suri and Dubrajpur.  

Other Vaishnav Pilgrimages


Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Muluk, Bolpur

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