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Maynadal Temple




Maynadal is a small village situated in Khairasole and is known for kirtan among the Vaishanabs across the country. It is said that Chaitanyadev took rest in the village during his pilgrimage to this Rarh region after taking “Sanyas” from Keshab Bharti in Katowa. Mahaprabhu resides here in a temple built with terracotta craftsmanship. Param Vaishnav Nrisingha Ballav Mitra Thakur came here and he not only established an idol of Mahaprabhu but also popularized the Manoharshahi Kirtan. We come to know from the writings of Harekrishna Mukhopadhyay that Maynadal was once an excellent centre of learning for kirtan and playing Mridangam. The tradition of kirtan is still prevalent here.

Maynadal Temple Premises

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Teracotta Carvings, Maynadal Temple

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Fair & Festival: Maynadal witnesses congregation of Vaishnav during the Ras, Ratha Yatra, Janmastami etc. The Nanda festival and Gostho fair are also worth seeing.


Accommodation and Food: The village is remotely located and proper accommodation is yet to be developed here. 

Maynadal Mahaprabhu Temple Premises


Nearby Woods and Nature


Places to visit: The Royal Palace of Rajnagar can be visited as they lie nearby. You can visit Mama-Bhagne hill, Royal Palace of Hetampur, Bakreswar on route. You can visit the birth place of Sailaja Mukhopadhyay and Falguni Mukhopadhay on route. The natural beauty of Hinglo dam will surely mesmerise.

How to reach: Maynadal can be reached by bus after visiting Pathurchapuri and Royal Palace of Rajnagar. On the other hand, the place can be reached from Suri by bus after visiting Mama-Bhangne hill and Royal Palace of Hetampur.

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