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Tourism Circuit 2


Starting Point



Amkhoi Fossil Park

Amkhoi Wood Fossil Park near Bolpur (Shantiniketan) is the only fossil park in West Bengal. Amkhoi Fossil Park contains 15 to 20 million year old fossilized wood.


Hetampur Rajbari

Ranjan Prasad, the palace of the Ranjan kings, is an extraordinary palace. Here you can still view old horse carriages, palanquins etc. If you have a look around the village, you will see Shiva, Gauranga, Saraswati temples.

18 KM Approx.


Mama Bhagne Hills is a rock formation near the town of Dubrajpur in Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is a pair of almost round natural boulders of granite rock, balanced one on top of the other.

Mama Bhagne Pahar


Mythologically, the union place of Shakti and Shaiva and the spiritual practice place of the great Sage Ashtavakraya is Bakreswar Dham where the eyebrow being symbolic of the mind of Devi Sati is enshrined. Bakranatha is the Pitha Bhairav here protecting the place. There is a brass metal Goddess Durga known as “Mahisamardini" here.



23 KM Approx.

Data Baba's Shrine

The shrine of Sufi-saint Data Baba at Patharchapuri village near Siuri is one of the holiest places in Birbhum. It is heard that a Sufi saint with a yellow complexion, long arms, a long mustache and a bright face covered with a beard, came to this Patharchapuri village, whose name was pir Hazrat Data Baba Mehbub Shah.

Nandikeshari (22)-2.jpg


It is the abode of the Goddess Nandikeswari. Mythologically, the necklace of Sati fell in this place which is situated amongst the dense forest of banyan trees on the bank of the river Mayurakshi. An ancient banyan tree can still be located even today overlaying the entire temple. Nandikeswar is enthroned here as Pitha Bhairav. It is believed that one Dataram Ghosh, having found the power of the holy stone, commenced the worship of the Goddess.

Fullora (13).jpg

According to Peethanirnaya Tantra, it is believed that Sati's lips fell in Labpur. Here the goddess flowers are known as Mahapeeth. Atchala is a temple in the middle of the vast expanse of Chatal. Vermilion-Kumkum dyed stone idol of Kurmakriti Goddess Phullara is worshipped in Jaya Durga meditation. Attahas is said to be the first worshipper of this Shilamurti.


Kankalitala (2).JPG

This small temple, surrounded by Arjuna trees on the bank of the river Kopai, is the holy abode of Goddess Kankali. It is believed that according to the “Pitha Nirnay Tantra", the waist (kankhal) of the Goddess fell here. The Pithbhairav is known as “Rudra”. It is further believed that the holy reminiscent of the Goddess is within the small pond situated near the temple. The Goddess Kali is worshipped here in the main temple in a Patachitra, a traditional cloth based painting.


Sona Jhuri (5).jpg

Khoai Haat

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