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Proposed Model of the Yogi Pahar Jain Temple


Yogi Pahar -  the Jain Pilgrimage


The history of Jainism is mysteriously hidden in various parts of Birbhum. Some believe that the name of this land was derived from Mahabirbhumi to Birbhumi to Birbhum after the name of Mahavira. According to Jain belief, King Pardesi of Seyambia surrendered at the feet of Mahavira, the current name of Seyambia is Sainthia. Mahavira's footprints are on Yogi Hill in Ushka village near Deucha. So Yogi Pahar is known all over India today as a famous Jain pilgrimage. It is said that when Mahavira was bitten by a huge snake called Chanda Kaushik on this hill, he turned the poison into milk with his miraculous powers. 

Jain Mandir Under Construction


Yogi Pahar


What to see? After visiting Yogi Pahar, one can go to nearby Massanjore Dam to experience the beauty of nature with Mayurakshi watercourse. In Sainthia you must see the magnificent architecture of the Jain temple built in marble. Flocks of migratory birds can be found at Siuri Tilpara Barrage.


Accommodation and Food: Yogi Pahar is located in a remote village called Ushka. So there is no accommodation or food available here. Accommodation should be arranged in nearby Saithia or Siuri.

Mahavir's Footprints

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How to go: From Siuri or Sainthia via Mohammed Bazar is a twenty km drive to Yogi Hills. Mahavira's footprints can be seen up Yogi Hill at Chota Ushka village via Deucha. Currently, the Shwetambar Jain Society of Kolkata is refurbishing the place.

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