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Idol of Nandi in Baba Bakranath Temple




This holy place is the spiritual practice site of the Sage Ashtavakrya whose mention can be found in our scriptures. It is believed that eight limbs of the son of Sumati got crippled by the curse of his father Kahedi (or by Lord Indra as per another school of thought) and therefore the sage is named as “Astabakra” due to his physical impurities. He started spiritual practices to Lord Shiva in the village Dihi with the purpose of recovering from his physical deformities and thus attained perfection. Lord Shiva is known here as Bakranath according to the name of the said disciple. This place is also known as the ‘Guptkashi’ in the Rarh region or the Western fringe of West Bengal.

Bakreswar Temple

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Bakreswar Hot Springs

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Accomodation and Food: There are many hotels near the main temple of Bakreswar that offer accommodation and food. Apart from this, a tourist lodge has also been built here at the initiative of the West Bengal government.


Festivals & Fair: Every year on the occasion of Shivratri huge fairs, cultural programs and yajna pujas are held in Bakreswar.

Bakreswar Temple Premises

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Old Temple at Bakreswar


What to see? Apart from Baba Bakranath, there are five other Shiv Lingas namely Kubereshwar, Siddheshwar, Jyotirlingeshwar, Kalarudreshwar and Jambheshwar. Besides, there are eight streams of hot springs and of course Dasobhuja Mahishamardini is present in the form of Satipeeth. Here the goddess's eyebrows or symbolic mind is said to have fallen. 

How to go: Bakreswar can be reached by bus from Siuri  Dubrajpur. Bakreswar is just 20 k.m. from Siuri. Bakreswar can be reached by road just 12 k.m. from Dubrajpur.

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