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Radha Binod Temple


Joydev - Kenduli


The ancient terracotta style Radha Binod temple is situated at Kendrabilwa village on the bank of the river Ajoy and seems to be the edifice for love and affection at the doorsteps of Birbhum. The history of the temple is associated with the famour poet Joydev Goswami, an eminent poet in the Royal Durbar of Laxman Sen. It is said that one day, the famous poet during composition of Gita Gobinda, wrote the verse “ smara-garala-khaṇḍanaṁ mama śirasi maṇḍanaṁ” and went to take a bath keeping the verse incomplete; when the Lord Govinda himself completed the verse by writing himself  “ dehi pada-pallavam udāram”.  Kenduli is regarded to be the most sacred place for devotees of Vaishanava. Queen Brojokishari Devi of Bardhaman installed this temple in Bengali year 1683. The name of Padmavati is uttered in a single breath with Joydev and her dancing skills were highly appreciated throughout Bengal.


Joydev Kenduli Mela


Kushweswar Shiva Temple


Fair & Festival: The fair organized on Makar Sankranti at Joydev Kenduli is famous among the saints across the nation. It is believed that every year, Vaishnab used to take bath in Ganges during Makar Sankranti. In a year, Joydev could not go for such bathing but obtained a revelation that the Goddess would herself come down to Ajoy river to receive the offering of the devotee. To commemorate the incident, the programme of bathing here takes place every year and the fair is organized where the Baul and Kirtaniya unite every year.        


What to see: Apart from the Radha Binod temple, there is a nearby “Sahajia Akhara”. A Baul Academy for learning, promoting and spreading knowledge of Baul culture has been constructed at Joydev-Kenduli under Illambazar with the patronage of the Government of West Bengal. You can visit Kusheswar Shiva temple and Sirsa Shiva temple. On route from Bolpur, the deep forest of Illambazar is mesmerizing. Here the Amkhai Fossil Park is worth seeing. You can visit Sabujban by crossing the river Ajoy and the Deul of Ichai Ghosh, Chandi Mata and Deul Park located there are also worth watching.

Joydev Kenduli Mela
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How to Reach: The place can be reached either by bus from Bolpur via Illambazar or by small car from Illambazar.

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