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Buddha Statue in Bolpur


The Land of Religious Harmony


Birbhum is the land of religious harmony. It has not only united different religious thoughts, but also nourished each and every such thought in their own. Some religious sites worth visiting are Data Babar Majar, Kusthigiri, Jain Temple at Jogi Pahar and Suri Church at Lalkuthipara, Suri.

Patharchapori Masjid (4).jpg

Data Baba's Shrine


Sufi-Jain-Christian Religious Places

The Red Church of Siuri


The Shrine of Data Baba

Patharchapori Masjid (9)-2.jpg

​Proposed Yogi Pahar Temple


We find references in the writings of researchers about the growth and culture of Buddhism in Birbhum, though no such Buddhist symbol can be located with the efflux of time. Yet the northern Birbhum in the villages of Mitrapur, Kanakpur, Baragram, Paikar etc may still provide immense resources for research to those interested. The Buddhist idols installed near Sonajhuri and Srijani Silpa Village near Santiniketan are worth seeing.

Symbols of Buddhism

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